Montag, 16. März 2009

Two minute weld warning

If welding the 'Cuda were a football game, the two minute warning would be on right now! Close to threehundred hours (!) of metalwork have gone into the old car and the 'Cuda is almost ready for paint prep. All the rust on the body is gone, rotted panels have been fixed or replaced. The doors, hood and fenders have been blasted around the edges and are being test fitted.

Not much work on the doors. There was only very little rust on the bottom edge of both doors, no blasting was done on the on the outer doors to reduce the threat of warping the metal.

The doors were in very good shape, just one small patch on the bottom of the passenger side door, two patches on the driver side door.

Detail of the driver side quarter, the welds have been filled with body solder.

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