Samstag, 7. Juni 2008


Back from blasting. Now all the rust is gone and with it some parts of the body! Holes everywhere...ready to be welded. I'm not worried about the rear of the car -where the rust was worst - because most of the panels will be replaced. Quarters left and right, trunk floor, trunk floor extensions left and right, rear panel, rear valance panel, rear deck panel,inner fenders left and right, outer fenders left and right. In addition to that there are the lower corners under the windshield, ready to be welded in. Some parts of the structure under the C-post will have to be fabricated, the framerails and doorsills are good.
When everything is done I'll have the peace of mind, that everything was done right and no shortcuts were taken.
On another front, there is still no final decision on the color...the original color was sandpebble beige, I suppose not very many 'cudas were delivered that color and most of those have probably since been resprayed to one of the more flamboyant seventies colors. White is also still an option, I've still got time to think it over...

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