Montag, 21. Dezember 2009


This is the part they usually call the "marriage". When the engine and the chassis come together for the first time. My engine on the way back into the 'Cuda! Everything worked out really smooth, no dents and dings in the new engine-bay. We decided to mount the engine and the trans seperately as opposed to bolting them together and squeezing them both in at the same time.
A skateboard was very useful while installing the transmission, I borrowed a jack with a very narrow front end from Phil, (hope he has no objections) to lift the tranny under the car while still on the skateboard.

Engine mounted, complete with the transmission

2 Kommentare:

aixam hater hat gesagt…

Don´t worry about the jack! More important: Did the Skateboard get hurt?

Nick hat gesagt…

Don't worry, the board is just fine and ready for the next trans-operation :-)