Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2009

Rolling up and down

As you can tell by the slow work on this blog, I have not gotten around to wrenching very much lately. Work and family business has been keeping me occupied more than neccesary but a few days ago I got back into the shop for some quality time again.

I had been reluctant to attack the quarter windows because I could still remember the sore knuckles from taking them out. Surprisingly putting everything back together was not half as bad, I was able to squeze everything in the narrow slot between the inner and outer quarters.

Both sides are now in place, rolling up and down without effort.
The windows are still a little shaky but I suppose that will get better with all the weather sealing in place after paint.

All the internals have been cleaned, some of the lower part of the drivers side mechanism even had to be fabricated new, as there was quite a bit of rust on this spot.

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