Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2009

Beefing up the front end

As the welding is rapidly coming to a close, the reinforcements of the front end are in place. First, the brace above the shock perch were beefed up with an additional piece of metal. Then a massive bar was welded to the brace, leading back to the firewall.
The bars - on both sides of course - should make the front end much more rigid, elliminating cowl shake reducing body flex. In front of the car, a piece of rectangular tubing was added under the radiator support, giving more strength to that area. All of this work will later be hidden under the front fenders, with no braces visible in the engine compartement.

Additional welds around the shock brace will add even more firmness. Note the bent piece of the original brace above the new bar, it was bent to make room for welding and will be reshaped to its original form.

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