Freitag, 13. Februar 2009

Front suspension

The front Suspension is coming together at Doc Stingers Mopar Garage. To beginn with, the lower control arms were boxed for more strength! There are pieces on the market ready to weld on but The Doc decided to build them from scratch to save some money. *good idea*

Before boxing, the control arms allowed a little movement within them, now they are rigid and ready to handle the power of braking and cornering. Of course they are painted black again as well.

Also freshly painted is the K-member, around which the front suspension and steering will be built. The steering incorporates fast ratio pitman arm and idler arm, for less turns at the steering wheel from lock to lock. These parts were originally only used on the T/A Challengers and the AAR Cudas. In addition to that, a new steering box from firm feel suspensions should give more steering response than the old '70's construction had.

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