Dienstag, 24. Februar 2009

Lighting up

I started working on the rear lights. They looked bad but this time it was mostly dirt. Thick dark dirt, caked in between the bezels and the frame, filling the small holes in which the screws are recessed. Its amazing how many parts were used to build rear lights back then. On modern cars these lights are often one piece only, here we have the bezels, the chrome trim, the outer trim and the back of the lighting fixture. Two gaskets keep everything dry inside.
It took some persuasion from the trusty rust remover to get everything apart without using raw force so not to damage the old plastic! In an obvious attempt to keep moisture out the previous owner used an ample amount of silicone and other adhesives on the lights which are now quite a pain to remove.

Finally some parts on the 'Cuda that aren't craked, broken, rusted or bent beyond repair. The original light bezels only needed a thourough cleaning with soapy water to look like new again.

I couldn't resist having the chrome trim recromed. Only three very thin frames around the light bars are visible after assembly but I fell for that just as well.

Unfortunately the metal frames that go over the lights did not stand the test of time as well as the other parts. They are not cracked or broken, they are pitted with countless tiny holes around the edges. As I do want to retain the original pieces I will try to work them over with body filler and sand them back down...see where that brings me.

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