Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2009

Body in white

So here it is, the body in white! Finally all the bare metal of the 'Cuda is covered in the first coat of primer. This is the way race teams used to recieve their cars from the factory prior to building a racecar...
The engine compartement was treated as if the panels were part of the outside of the car, as they can be seen once the hood is opend to look at the engine!

Special attention was given to the doorjambs, where the new quarterpanels were grafted on to the body. No messy weld seams will spoil the apperance once you open the doors.

The new sail panel fits perfectly, the rear window was test fitted, as well as the windshield so that there will be no surprises when they are to be installed.

All new sheetmetal in the trunk, where the 'Cuda was most rusty...

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