Samstag, 27. September 2008


This is the brand new gatorgrain vinyl top roof! Accordnig to various different sources between o,8 and 2 percent of the 1970 Barracudas were fitted with this option. Ledgendary Interiors has started to reproduce this vinyl only a couple of months ago. Can't wait to see it on the car...

Paint on the mainfolds

I put
some new life on the old manifolds. The special paint claims to withstand tempereatures of up to 760 degrees Celcius! They were still shiny when I took the "after" pic, but have dried up well since then. The flat grey is supposed to be just like the original look. They will need a second coat after 24 hours. Of course painting will not solve the other manifold problem. I hope to have found a shop that will cure the crack on one of the manifolds, if that dosen't work out, I will have to finde anoter one.

Sonntag, 21. September 2008

More Metalwork

Some more progress on the metalwork of the Cuda!The rear end of the car requires a lot of work , not much to show off but very necessary. The top of the rear window frame has been patched, some of the framework around the driver side rear wheel well has been replaced with new parts made from scratch. The panel between the rear window and the deck lid is new and fits quite well.