Sonntag, 7. März 2010


The accessories are on the engine. Alternator, power steering pump and aircon compressor. Just to show you that an engine compartment can look good without any chrome bling. The alternator will have to be spaced out a little yet, to line up when the fan belt is mounted. Also will have to figure out how to get the fan hooked up to the viscous fan drive.

Donnerstag, 4. März 2010

Power to the steering

Same, same but different. Not the A/C, this time it's the power steering pump that needed cleaning and paint.
The good thing about parts being filthy and grimy is that they definately do not rust.

After the overhaul, ready to be installed...


Did some work on the accessories. Since I'm going to use the 'Cuda in summertime when it's hot, I want working Airconditioning. After all, it's an original AC car ! The compressor seems to be in good working order, so all it needed was a thorough cleanup and some new paint.

Brackets and mounting bar were removed and painted seperately.