Freitag, 24. Oktober 2008

Rear axle

I took this baby to doc stingers moparshop last week to get it worked over.

Doc is this countrys leading expert when it comes to mopar muscle and he will overhaul the rear axle inside and out. It already has sure grip and 3:23 gears, and with the way Doc does business, it will probably be finished long before the 'Cuda ...

More welding

Halftime at the bodyshop.

The trunkfloor is in the car, along with the rear upper valance, all of the inner fenders and a lot of little bits and pieces that had to be made from scratch. the quarters are hanging on for size, before they go on the rear window cranks will have to be installed. Most of the pieces are a pretty good fit, only the trunk extensions are of miserable quality.

Montag, 20. Oktober 2008

Rear Bumper

I started on the rear bumper today. I haven't done the braces yet but the new rear bumper is needed urgently at the body shop, so the sheetmetal at the rear of the 'Cuda can be adjusted correctly.
The two small bumbergards will have to be rechromed as they are not part of the package when buying a new rear bumper...