Montag, 22. Juni 2009


The hood and the fenders are in primer. The parts were first stripped of the old paint. The parts had little or no rust, contrary to the rear of the car but unfortunately prior collision damage repair became evident. So more work will be necessary before the final paint can be applied.

Samstag, 13. Juni 2009


One of the biggest eyecatchers of any car is the set of wheels it's sitting on. The 'Cuda will run this set of FIA approved racing alloys, formerly used on a '69 Mustang with the european historical tournig car circuit racing crowd. (luckily Ford and Mopar have the same bolt pattern). The Minilite-style wheels were media blasted and powder coated, the outer rims are polished.

I have not yet gotten around to picking them up from the shop but Doc Stinger has ensured me that the grey part is actually grey and not as blueish as it may appear in these pics.

Donnerstag, 11. Juni 2009

First paint prep

First pics of paint preperation at the shop .
The engine compartement was the first area to get the treatment, sanding and a little filler here and there.

More small stuff

Kind of a small part but a very important one indeed.
The original Holley fourbarrel carburetor was cleaned and fitted with new gaskets.

Ready to roll

Small stuff

A lot of small stuff has to be restored, one of those things is this brake pedal fixture. Since it is welded and riveted together; I couldn't really take it apart .
I had the whole thing media blasted, to get at the rust, then I painted it flat silver, added a new release handle and dipped the lower part of the pedal in black paint. New nuts round up the package.

The gas pedal required the same procedure, basically. I think they both turned out pretty nice.

Back again

After a short creative pause, only partially due to a computer failure at home, I'm back at it. Quite a few things have happend, most importantly the 'Cuda has moved to the paint shop. With all the welding done, all the rust removed and all the new panels installed, it's time to take this project to the next level.

My friend Ernst, master of organization and definately one of the most knowligeable carguys on the planet, ready to haul the 'Cuda to the paint shop. We travelled in style by!