Freitag, 25. Juli 2008

My ship came in

Finally all the stuff I've been ordering in the US has hit these shores. Thanks to the patience and the logistic talents of my friend Hanno I've been able to save a lot of money on toll and shipping by storing all these boxes in his garage. Some of the first things I ordered must have been sitting there for months..the garage is all yours again now my friend!
Thanks to Norbert, who generously let my parts slip in on his container I was able to collect a whole van full of parts just around the corner here in Vienna!

Included are a new interior carpet, seat covers, dash pad, door panels, steering wheel and so forth, disc brakes for the front wheels, a suspension rebuild kit, front and rear bumpers and several dozend other things I cannot list right now. Also included is a brand new black vinyl top which I will try to sell again as I have other plans with the roof of the 'Cuda. More on that at a later time....

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