Donnerstag, 20. November 2008

Inside the diff

Good news from the differential. The diff is taken apart and all of the internals, including the sure grip are in exeptionally good shape. No visible wear on any vital part. Doc Stinger will put everything back together, install new gaskets and bearings and then paint the whole thing. I'm very happy about that, since not very many parts con the 'Cuda have proven to be in good shape until now. In the course of the buildup the rear brakes will recieve new wheel cylinders and some new springs as well. On another front, work on the engine will beginn shortly, allmost all of the parts for that are already here...

So with the diff and the engine on track, the tranny already done the whole drivetrain si coming together really well! Now all I need is a car to install everything in..I'll keep you posted!

All pics courtesy of Doc Stinger .

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