Sonntag, 21. Dezember 2008

Two quarters make a half

Two quarters make a half and since both quarters are on the 'Cuda, half of the metalwork is done! According to Chris, who is donig all the work, the hard part is over with, all the rest is smooth sailing. There are a few patches to do on the firewall, the floors and around the windshield but nothing is nearly as complicated as the rear of the car, which was practically craftes all new. For a perfect fit of the rear bumper and all the seam surrounding it, the quarters and the valance panel had to be modified extensively, and it really shows.
I've seen many pictures of restored 'Cudas ans very seldomly do the seams under the bumper measure up so well!

The welds of the new body panels have been sanded down, the rest of the holes will be filled with lead before the epoxy primer is applied.
I can already imagine some fat rubber in those rear wheelwells :-)

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