Montag, 2. Februar 2009

Parts search

While it is quite easy to find most of the parts neede for a resto project like mine and there are countless vendors for all types of things , some parts are still difficult to come by. These are the sorry dash air vents on the 'Cuda. There's one on the far right side of the dash, two in the center. As you can see, there are fin missing, the housing is warped and partly broken.
I have no clue as to how something like that can happen and what kind of riots must have taken place in the passenger compartement of the car to leave such damage but those vents do need attention badly.
I will need either the complete assembly or the inside of the vents without the frame. (and try to fix the frames or what's left of them)...
I have read that vents from a B-body would fit as well. Maybe they are not as difficult to find.

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