Mittwoch, 27. Januar 2010

Red dasher

Test fitted the dash and the carpet. Even though both will have to be pulled out again - the dash because the airvents have to be installed from the rear of the dash and the carpet because of the electric system.

I love the look of the red interior with the light color, sort of like having your high impact color on the inside of the car. Colorful interiors were characteristic of the cars of that era with a variety of hues to choose from. I think the red interior conveys that spirit very well.

The instrument cluster was redone perfectly by Doc Stinger, new dial faces installed , indicators freshly painted, everything cleaned and checked.

I decided to go for aftermarket speakers under the stock speaker shroud instead of the original piece. I cut a piece of plastic to cover the remaining space between the speakers so none of the under-dash cable massacre will be visible though the shroud.

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