Dienstag, 9. Februar 2010


Got some parts I've been chasing for quite a while.
This piece of trim fits inside, above the rear window
After mediablasting it showed some ugly holes, and due to the structure I was not able to fix it. Another look at the holes the rust left on the original trim piece.

I bought a good piece on ebay , ot of a blue interior car obviously, so I can complete the interior. The different color doesn't matter, since all of these parts will have to be painted red anyway.

Hanging up the pieces for a first coat of rm paint. All metal interior parts will also be treated to a coat of flat clear, hopefully making them more durable.

Passenger side splash shield... This was one of the few pieces missing when I bought the 'Cuda. Obviously due to antenna installation there was no original splash guard installed on this side of the car, instead there was a hand crafted aluminum shield that personally threw in the trashbin. The plastic shield was also found on ebay.

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