Montag, 2. Januar 2012

Let's roll

The 'Cuda is currently recieving a roll bar to beef up the stiffness of the unibody. *I do hope I'll never be in need of its virtues in case of a rollover* Marcus Lipp of "Prototech" is performing the work. Marcus graduated in automotive engineering, does a lot of work on vintage racecars and refuses to seek solutions that are "just for show" and will not be functional. We decided on a bolt in version for the rollbar that can be taken out and ties in with all the interior panels and the stock back seat.

The mounts on the speaker panel are raised, to clear the seatback of the rear bench. The crossmember is also bolted and can be removed for better vision through the rear window. There is also additional bracing in the trunk, connecting the bar to the upper shock mounting points and the rear frame rails.

Before completion the rollbar will be powdercoated in semigloss black finish.

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