Dienstag, 24. September 2013

Cool competition

Some images of the competition, race spec vintage cars are always cool and this Capro RS 2600 is no exeption,

A very beautifully prepared Ferrari in Italian livery.
 One of the most unusual cars on the grid is this Kellison J 5, a kit car from 1959. There are a total of 3 of these in Austria which must be a substantial part of the worldwide Kellison population.

Marcus Lipp from Prototech brought his immaculate Group 2 Alfa Romeo GTV. The transaxle Car is race prepped in accordance with the FIA rulebook, very light and well balanced. Even though it lacks some top end power, it is quicker around the course than quite a few more powerful cars.

Christian Kornherr, editor in chief of the Autorevue, Austias leading atomotive magazine, taking the hot seat in Macrus' car.

Classic "Jägermeister" livery on this Porsche, I wonder when they stopped promoting  alcohol on racecars...

Reinis 59 Corvette next to the 'Cuda in the pits, he ran hard all day as well.

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