Dienstag, 15. Juli 2008


Chris, the Metalman has started his magic. As there was an extensive amount of rust all around the body, not all of it can be cured by replacement panels. To begin with, the structural beam behind the c-pillar on the driver side had to be rebuilt from scratch. This is the kind of part you cannot buy in any store but it is vital for the rigidy of the unibody. Chris is doing a very good job, not just making the Cuda look good on the outside but also taking care of the things you normally can't see. The inner and outer fender on the driver side have also been put in place, but they haven't been welded in yet. This work will take some time, but I'd rather have it done once and .
On another front I have good news from the other side of the atlantic, the patrs I ordered ar on their way and should be here by the end of the month. Can't wait to do some serious unpacking!!!

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Rainer hat gesagt…

WOW, wahnsinn was da alles passiert Nick! Du sag mir aber nie wieder ICH wäre verrückt gewesen mit dem blauen,...
Du übertriffst mich da um Welten, hochachtung! SO GENIAL!!

Weiter so und bitte auf die Fotos nicht vergessen :)

liebe grüße